Best Alternatives to Apple Airpods in 2020 – Top 5 Best Option for You

Today I wanted to focus on Best Alternatives to Apple Airpods. They all have steam-style designs because I wanted to keep them as close to Apple’s AirPods as possible.

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What is the Best Alternative to Apple Airpods?

SOUNDPEATS Truebuds4.3Check On Amazon
JBuds Air4.1Check On Amazon
Razer Hammerhead4.1Check On Amazon
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 24.2Check On Amazon
Aukey T18NC4.0Check On Amazon

Best Alternatives to Apple Airpods Review

SoundPEATS Truebuds

The next pair I want to talk about is the SoundPEATS company from this pair SoundPEATS Truebuds. This pair comes in at $46. I found that SoundPEATS Truebuds gives you some of the best bangs you can get for the buck.

You’re not going to spend a ton of money but you’re getting plenty. You pay to start with the original tech chip that contains Bluetooth 5.0. You get APDX, AAC, and SBC playback which has some of the best Bluetooth quality you can get.

Battery life on earbuds is not necessary for them that you take about three and a half hours special but the charging case can give you about 70 hours and even better charging case doubles as an external charger.

Best Alternatives to Apple Airpods

So, you can use it basically like a power bank. You can plug in your phone or your tablet or anything else for charging and get some extra battery life. These use touch controls and they control everything.
So, you don’t have to take out your phone. You don’t have to call your smart assistant. You can control everything from earbuds yourself but the great bonus about these is the sound.

The sound is very clear but it is a very lively earbud that even has a bit of a punch. Because there are usually no silicone ear tips like the AirPod style.

You don’t get a whole lot of bass and somehow SoundPEATS has found a way to pull a lot of bass with these. They are doing a great job. This is cheap airpods alternatives.

Reason To Buy

  • Semi-in-year and touch control
  • Large capacity and long finish
  • 70 hours continuous playtime
  • Complete touch control

JBuds Air

The next pair I would recommend is the JLAB company and the earbuds are Jbuds Air. This pair comes in at 69 but you’re getting some great features. They have Bluetooth 5.0.

I like one thing about jbuds Air. Their EQ settings are built into the earbuds. So you don’t have to use apps that you can actually improve a base and their signature mode which is my favorite.

Best Alternatives to Apple Airpods

They have a kind of flat response mode. It’s nice to be able to enable the kind of change you want. Of this battery life, you’re actually getting about six hours individually in earbuds where you’re going to get about 30 hours using the case.

The battery life of these is really impressive. Best wireless earbuds with long battery life. They have touch controls and a huge plus here is that they are able to control everything again.

One of the bonuses now about this pair that has nothing to do with these others is that it has a realistic model. If you are out and want to hear something around you. You don’t want to pull earbuds out of your ears.

It’s nice and convenient for you to be able to switch it to ambient mode. There are lots of kicks in the base but there are a lot of details in it. Triple beautiful in the middle and triple beautiful in the front and detailed you are picking a lot of these which are a lot of these other earbuds.

This pair has silicone ear tips which are my personal favorite. I like to keep better seals when listening to music. Jabds Air executives are coming in at 69.

Reason To Buy

  • 24+ hours Bluetooth playtime
  • Class 1 Bluetooth 5 connection
  • IP55 Sweat and Water Resistant
  • 3 EQ sound settings

Razer Hammerhead

The next pair on the list is definitely a bit different from the others. This pair is the Razer Hammerhead true wireless. This fear comes in at 99. What makes the razor special is that they have a super-short delay mode.

This is very important if you want to do gaming on your mobile device. This eliminates any backlogs, especially when you watch movies or videos. They rated ipx4.

Best Alternatives to Apple Airpods

These are slightly resistant to water but not one of those pairs that you must go to for plenty of water. Battery life is one of them which is not so great. You’re only going to get about four hours in your own earbuds where you’re going to get a total of 16 hours using the case.

Battery life alone is a huge plus to be able to get low-end but low-lane to see the mode. They have silicone ear tips. These are simply some of the best bases I’ve ever heard of in any pair of wireless earbuds.

Silicone ear tips get that seal. This is a very nice pair to recommend, especially if you like bass.

Reason To Buy

  • Water-replacement IPX4 design
  • Custom Tune 13mm Driver
  • Touch-enabled and voice-assisted compatible
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and auto-pairing

Soundcore Liberty Air 2

I wanted to talk to the next pair Soundcore Liberty Air 2. This pair comes in at $ 99 but the sound and features are very comparable. You get Bluetooth 5.0 but you get playback by calling the app.

Using the case, you can get a total of 28 hours of battery life and you will also get 7 hours of battery life in earbuds. If you charge 10 minutes early for picking up earbuds, you will get two hours of use.

Best Alternatives to Apple Airpods

I always like this little fast charge feature especially if you are someone who forgets to charge your earbuds. These use touch controls but what I’m not crazy about with them is that it’s limited to a few options that can get you to touch controls.

The application also gives you a bunch of different EQ settings. You don’t know how you like to listen to your music. It’s bus-heavy or very clean where you like to hear a lot of loud vocals where there are different EQ settings and being able to switch between them is a great bonus.

They have silicone ear tips that give you a little better isolation from some of the things around you. However, it is extremely dynamic but some really nice treble base. The rest of the frequencies make it a very great dynamic sound.  

Reason To Buy

  • Diamond-Inspired Sound
  • 4 Microphones with CVC 8.0 Uplink Noise Cancellation
  • Up to 28 Hours of Playtime
  • HearID Technology

Aukey T18NC

This last pair I wanted to throw away is really showing the value of what you can get there if you are going to spend money close to airport money.

The Aukey T18NC is a pair of true wireless earbuds that have the stem but have active sound-canceling which seems to be a big feature this year. The pair comes in at a retail price of one hundred and twenty-nine dollars.

It’s still thirty to forty dollars cheaper than AirPods. It’s comparing it to the model that has wireless charging but the Aukey T18NC being active sound-canceling which is the best I’ve heard.

Best Alternatives to Apple Airpods

It has Bluetooth 5.0 with ACC and SBC playback which is very nice. It has an IPX5 rating. So it’s one of the few pairs of active noise-canceling that even has an IPX5 rating that gives you a bit more protection when it comes to water.

The battery life is also very impressive. You get about seven hours in your earbuds where you get a total of 24 hours using the case. This is another pair that features a fast charge where a fast ten-minute charge makes you usable for two hours.

A huge bonus here as I said if you are going to compare it with AirPods in terms of wireless charging. These are capable of QI wireless charging. You can simply place this case on a wireless charger and they will now start charging any one thing.

It has touch control and touch control works great, I’m not crazy. They do not have volume control so you need to take out your phone or call.

To be able to control your smart assistant volume is something I don’t like about how it works but outside of that, the sound is the best I’ve heard of any of the wireless earbuds. It’s so dynamic in your look that I like the base you can feel.

It also includes clarity and detail. It sounds fairly open so it gives you a really nice sound in your mouth.

Reason To Buy

  • Reduce Ambient Noises by Up to 90%
  • Impressive 24H Playtime
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Fast & Stable Connection


Guys, this is my review of the Best Alternatives to Apple Airpods. If you are looking for AirPods, you know that there are many options. There are very good options and lots of options that you can spend a lot less.

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