How to Choose Wireless Earbuds in 2021?: 16 Step by Step Buying Guide

In the five years from 2016 to 2020, true wireless Bluetooth earbuds have risen to a pandemic, whether it is Apple’s AirPods 1 and 2 generations, AirPods Pro, Powerbeats Pro, or Android series Sennheiser momentum 2, Audio-Technica ATH-CKR7TW, Sony WF-SP900, JLab JBuds Air, Clear Ally Plus, etc.

All major earbuds manufacturers have racked their brains to develop products with the latest technology. It is expected that more true wireless earbuds will be launched in 2021.

The Bluetooth 5.0 era had officially arrived in 2019, and major chip manufacturers have also invested in the development and mass production of Bluetooth 5.0.

For example, the Apple camp has upgraded from W1 chip to H1 chip, and Android camp’s Qualcomm, Realtek, Airoda, and Broadcom Other chip factories have also invested.

New technologies and chips have greatly improved the delay, power, transmission distance, and audio transmission (Atpx HD).

The Bluetooth Technology Alliance (SIG) announced a new generation of Bluetooth LE Audio and Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3) at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show.

The future Bluetooth The audio quality will get better and better, and more features will be provided, such as multiple streaming and audio sharing, making Bluetooth earbuds more widely used.

The New Technology is a True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The innovation of innovative products is bound to go through market competition and revolution. What remains is the brand that had occupied the mountain in the first two years when true wireless Bluetooth earbuds were not so popular.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Small factories grew very fast and felt quite innovative, accounting for most of the market. Since 2018, Sony, Sennheiser, Bose, and Apple have also begun to truly engage with the wireless classes making the whole market more enthusiastic. Apple launched the AirPods Pro in 2019 with keyword reduction functionality.

In 2020, when the market for true wireless earbuds freezes and a hundred thoughts are debated, consumers will still be the biggest winners. 

Different brands and specifications have to be considered, but there is often a problem of not knowing how to choose. 

Therefore, this article focuses on quality as the main starting point, and the price is not the focus of our consideration, so cheap headphones rarely appear in our article.

The Secret of How to Choose Wireless Earbuds in 2021?

As the technology of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds continues to improve and indicators can be measured. Therefore, based on the opinions of the general public and earbuds people.

We have sorted out the common specifications and functions of 16 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and we will discuss them in detail one by one.

Simultaneously, we have also collected opinions from Internet platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc., and sorted out the most appropriate and simple way to choose earphones so that everyone can quickly find their favorite true wireless Bluetooth earphones

What to Look for When Buying Wireless Earbuds?

1. Delay time

Affect the fluency of watching movies and playing games

Many may not know that wired headphones have delays, but it is so low that people cannot detect it. Therefore, in listening to music with wired headphones, no one has discussed this issue.

But when Bluetooth earbuds first appeared, this problem came to the fore. However, with science and technology advancement compared to the early Bluetooth earbuds, the delay is now much improved.

You won’t notice that audio and video are out of sync when you watch normal movies. It can’t be eliminated while watching dance videos or playing games.

True wireless Bluetooth earbuds have no wiring connection to the two earpieces than neck mount and over-ear Bluetooth earbuds. These must be transmitted via wireless technology so that the delay time is prolonged.

To discuss the delay problem of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, we must first discuss the connection of two earpieces of real wireless earbuds. Initially, true wireless Bluetooth earbuds were first connected to the mobile via one earpiece and relay the signal to the other earpiece.

Thus, the actual wireless transmission time will, of course, be longer and more pronounced than neck-mounted and over-ear Bluetooth earbuds because there is an additional relay mechanism.

However, with the advent of new wireless chips from Apple and Qualcomm patented technology, the latest wireless Bluetooth earbuds signal has been transmitted simultaneously to two earpieces.

The signal is transmitted simultaneously to two earpieces, or while the main mobile phone handset with transmission signals, the signal will be mirrored to another. The earpiece greatly reduces the transmission time and improves the delay performance.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Source: JLab Audio

Selection Secret

However, the general specification sheet does not indicate how the two earpieces of the true wireless earbuds are connected. Consumers can only get a rough idea through the chip manufacturer.

For example, Apple’s Airpods series uses Apple’s patented technology to connect; and Qualcomm, The true wireless of the chip, uses its latest transmission technology.

On the other hand, the Bluetooth version and supported audio codec used by mobile phones and earbuds will also affect the length of the delay, so consumers can refer to these two items on the specification table to evaluate the possible delay:

1. Bluetooth Version

The most popular Bluetooth 5.0 connection speed is much faster than the old Bluetooth version and can produce high-quality audio with a short delay time. However, Bluetooth 5.0 cannot completely solve the problem of wireless audio delay.

It must be corrected with audio-visual synchronization technology so that the video and sound can be played synchronously without any delay.

The simplest way to test is to play the video on Youtube, and then press the pause button to see if the video and sound are stopped simultaneously. If not, it means that the device cannot synchronize audio and video.

It is worth noting that because these applications are interactive and happen in real-time, audio and video synchronization is useless for games or music production. If you happen to be a gamer or a musician, you need to use the next indicator, “audio codec,” to solve the delay.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
2. Audio Codec

The codec is responsible for encoding and decoding digital audio and wireless transmission. Although the universal codec SBC specified by the Bluetooth standard does not consume too much system resources, the 100-200 millisecond delay and 16-bit rate make it unpopular with those who require a delay or sound quality.

The current low-latency representative codec is 24-bit aptX HD, and the average delay time falls between 40 and 100 milliseconds. In other words, the sound quality is better than SBC, and the delay is shorter.

Gamers can also use earbuds that support a 16-bit aptX LL codec (with a delay of only 32 to 40 milliseconds) or an aptX adaptive codec to improve performance further. The aptX codec can be used on Android phones, Macs, and some Windows computers, but iOS phones do not support aptX.

However, iOS phones support the AAC codec, and AirPods and PowerBeats earbuds also support the codec, which can produce lossless audio, but the delay time is between 140 and 200 milliseconds. On the other hand, the AAC codec is also suitable for Mac, Windows, and even Android.

SBC150~250 milliseconds
AAC140~200 milliseconds
aptX HD40~100 milliseconds
aptX LL32~40 ms
LDAC160~210 milliseconds

Delay Time of Various Bluetooth Audio Codecs

When the audio source and the Bluetooth earbuds or speaker support the same codec, the codec will be automatically selected for use. Keep in mind that the performance of the codec varies from device to device.

At present, the earbuds people have tested the ultra-low latency true wireless recommendation that smoothly plays games and dance videos.

Apple Airpods Pro: Equipped with Apple’s latest H1 chip, seamlessly connecting with its products. Also, the actual connection with the Android phone does not feel that there is a delay.

Clear Ally Plus: Support aptX; use it on iPhone and Android phones without any delay.

JLab Epic Air ANC: Its “movie mode” makes the overall latency lower, making watching movies and playing games smoother.

2. Audio Codec

Impact on sound quality and delay

Many consumers now pay attention to the audio resolution of Bluetooth earbuds. From low to high, there are SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, etc. The highest transmission data for Bluetooth audio transmission is LDAC 990 kbps, and the lower SBC, AAC, is 320 kbps. However, how audio coding affects sound performance must also consider the following two points:

  1. Bluetooth earbuds, mobile phones, laptops, and other playback devices must support the same encoding format at the same time.
  2. The Bluetooth specification playback device and the receiving device must support the same encoding format at the same time to be transmitted in that format. SBC is required by the Bluetooth transmission protocol A2DP to support encoding, and all Bluetooth devices must be able to transmit via SBC. If the Bluetooth earbuds can support higher-quality aptX, but the mobile phone only supports SBC encoding, then the two will only be transmitted through SBC encoding; on the contrary, if the mobile phone also supports aptX encoding, it will transmit through aptX.

When the first point is established, Bluetooth earbuds and mobile phones support high-quality aptX encoding with a maximum bit rate of 384kbps. If you are playing a 320kps MP3 file, the maximum after conversion is only 320Kbps, and it is transmitted via AAC. The bit rate is the same, and the two sound similar.

However, when the original audio file is changed to a CD file of 1,411.2kbps, the highest bit rate transmitted through AAC is 320kps, and the highest bit rate transmitted through aptX is 384kbps, the sound will sound better. Therefore, when the original audio file’s bitrate is higher than 384kbps, transmission through aptX will be effective.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Selection Secret

If you want to buy to pursue better quality and better support aptX or encoding format Bluetooth earbuds, you must confirm your playback device has support for the format.

The actual sound gear dollar rate must be higher than the propagation rate of the encoding format, making sense to choose aptX or a better encoding format. Otherwise, it is sufficient to choose a Bluetooth earbud that supports SBC or AAC.

3. Sound Quality

The resolution, sound field, positioning, and tri-band direction of the earbuds will make the music sound different

Although hardware such as cavity and drive unit objectively affects sound performance, the sound perception has always been subjective. Some people can hear the details of various instruments and the sound field’s breadth.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

While some People only hear more pronounced, loud sounds, such as vocals, drums, guitar, or piano. Therefore, earphone people think that if you think you are a fungus and not an enthusiast, you can’t hear so many details and don’t pursue perfect sound.

It is enough to choose the earphone that you feel good about, and you don’t need to pursue high-end brands blindly. So, is it a so-called fungus? You can test it from the following simple test.

Sound quality is an important factor of earbuds. A good earbud is not sloppy in terms of sound performance. Still, before talking about sound quality, we must let everyone know that wired earbuds’ sound quality will be better than Bluetooth earbuds and true wireless earbuds.

This is the advantage of wired transmission technology, so the enthusiasts still prefer wired earbuds. Therefore, if we compare the sound quality of truly wireless earbuds with wired earbuds. Affordable wired earbuds can perform better than Bluetooth earbuds or true wireless earbuds.

Even if there is Qualcomm AtpX HD, AAC, or some high-resolution audio decoding. All the same, wired earbuds reduce compression and decoding, and their audio sources are relatively less due to compression losses.

So when we compare sound quality, if we want to be more objective, it means that wired is better than wired and Bluetooth is better than Bluetooth. If we look at the specifications to compare the sound quality, the difficulty is quite great.

Therefore, we would suggest skipping the blunt hardware such as Bluetooth specifications and chips to judge the sound quality and use some indicators of acoustics as the reference elements of sound quality:

1. Resolution

The resolving power of the earbuds is a very important sound effect factor. If you can’t even do the analysis well, let alone the sound field positioning, bass, and tri-band analysis, the broadcasted concert moved the audience. So what is analytical power?

Put, the ability of headphones to analyze various musical instruments in music. Experiment with your reference. Please use headphones to listen to the music below. Please close your eyes and feel the music that your headphones parse.

2. Positioning and Sound Field

Our brains have spatial positioning of the sounds we hear. This is derived from our brains and earphones. The sequence and gradation of the sounds are heard, and the sound is restored in three dimensions, simulating our position in the real environment, the size of the space, etc. The equipment must be able to locate the correct position to convey the sound effects effectively.

3. Three-Frequency Analysis

Everyone likes a different sound field. Most people who like pop music pay more attention to midrange and bass. So many headphones on the market emphasize bass. Because the public’s taste is closer, they will get more Love is important. 


In summary, there are quite a few test methods for headphones, including bass test, resolution, tri-band distribution, positioning, sound field, dynamics, transient, musicality, balance, presence, music fidelity, etc.

The complete test takes about a week to complete the test. This article only provides three main test points so that earbuds players can quickly grasp the earbud’s sound quality.

Also, sometimes the new earphones’ sound quality may not be warmed up, so they cannot show the level they should be at the beginning. It is recommended to burn the machine for about 40-50 hours to achieve the earphones’ best vibration mode. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to burn the machine. Anyway, use it slowly, and warm up naturally.

4. Control Operation

Affect the smoothness of operation

There are two common operations for true wireless Bluetooth earbuds: physical buttons and touch buttons. Each has advantages and disadvantages. No one is better. It depends on personal preference.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

1. Physical Button

Through pressed to complete the command keys, such as click, double click, or triple-click. The advantage of pressing is that it will not accidentally touch the buttons and quickly complete the operation.

Still, when pressing the buttons on the earbuds, the ear will feel the pressing force, which will be uncomfortable for a long time.

2. Touch Button

Through lightly touch the key surface to complete the instruction, there is even some slide command. The advantage of light touch is that the ear will not feel discomfort due to the pressing force, but the disadvantage is the possibility of accidental touch.

The sudden suspension of music or the cut song will make some people feel angry. Therefore, there is no definitive conclusion about whether physical buttons or touch buttons are better or worse.

The advantages of physical buttons are the shortcomings of touch buttons; conversely, the advantages of touch buttons are the shortcomings of physical buttons, depending on the customers’ preferences and usage habits.

5. Battery Life

The longer the battery life, the lower the charging frequency required

Due to the limited volume of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, the earbuds’ endurance cannot be compared with the earbuds or neck-mounted Bluetooth earbuds. The early 4 to 5 hours can be very long.

However, with Bluetooth transmission technology, the power of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds has increased. Even without changing a larger battery, the battery life is 1 to 2 hours longer than before.

Now any new true wireless earbuds themselves can be used. After nearly 6 or 7 hours of continuous use, combined with a charging box, most of the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds have a total battery life of more than 20 hours. It is not a big problem!

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Recommended Bluetooth earbuds for long-distance travel

Traveling outside is all about eating and drinking, watching the scenery, or taking beautiful photos on the Internet. There is no time to waste charging the Bluetooth earbuds.

Therefore, the longer the battery life, the less you need to always find a socket for charging. We have compiled three types of headphones with a total power that is better than most true wireless headphones on the market:

JLab Epic Air Sport ANC: With noise reduction turned off, the earbuds themselves can be used for 15 hours; when turned on, it can be shortened to 11 hours. Also, the charging box can provide an additional 55 hours of power.

JAM Live Free: The earbuds themselves can be used for 6 hours, and the charging box provides an additional 54 hours of power.

Creative Outlier Gold: The earbuds themselves can be used for 14 hours, and the charging box provides an additional 25 hours of power.

6. Waterproof Protection

Determines the degree to which the earbuds can withstand accidental attacks

The most commonly used standard for judging the waterproof and dustproof performance of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds is the IP level.

The higher the IP level, the more serious the damage it can withstand. However, it must be clarified that a high IP rating does not mean that the earbuds can withstand serious damage all the time.

The waterproof and dustproof performance will change with the use and storage methods. Improper storage will lose the waterproof performance.

At present, the waterproof level of most Bluetooth earbuds is IPX4, which can withstand sweat. If you often use it outdoors and may experience rain, it is recommended to choose a higher-grade earbud.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Source: TaoTronics Blog

7. Wisdom Induction

Auto play/pause function can reduce unnecessary power consumption

The power of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds is very precious, and a little bit can not be wasted. The most common situation is that when you take off the earbuds and chat with others, you forget to pause the music, and you accidentally chat for an hour.

When you are finished listening to the music, the earbuds are almost out of power. If the true wireless earbuds are equipped with an IR sensor, there will be no such trouble. When we take off the earbuds, it will automatically pause.

When we put on the earbuds again, the concert will automatically play, which greatly reduces unnecessary power consumption. The amount.

Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

8. Bluetooth Chip

Different brands of chips have different exclusive technologies

Early Bluetooth chips had a great influence on the quality of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Still, after AirPods drove the wave of true wireless, chip manufacturers began to invest in this market one after another, and the importance of chips has fallen sharply.

Although different chips use different technologies, the quality provided by the same function is not much worse. Take call quality as an example. Both the Qualcomm chip’s CVC technology and the ENC technology of the Realtek chip can provide clear radio, so the impact of the chip is not large.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

9. Comfort and Stability

The comfort and stability of headphones are different in different use occasions

Generally speaking, there are three ways to wear true wireless headphones, 

  • In-ear type, 
  • In-ear type (including in-ear stabilizer), and 
  • Ear-hook type

In terms of comfort and stability, we list as follows:

Comfort level: In-ear style> In-ear style (including in-ear stabilizer)> Ear-hook style

Stability: Earhook> In-ear (including in-ear stabilizer)> In-ear

So if you only use it at the office or home, the in-ear type is sufficient. If you need some mobility or commuting use, you can use an in-ear style with an inner ear stabilizer. If you want to use it during exercise, you can use the ear-hook style of wearing.

If you bring in-ear headphones before, but they are often unstable, we recommend that you go to a physical store to try them on, just like trying on shoes when you buy them. You can feel the stability and comfort of the headphones when you wear them.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

10. Stable Connection

Distorted sound and stuttering will make the line of reason break in seconds

There are more and more Bluetooth devices from mobile phones, tablets, computers, wireless mice and keyboards to laptops, etc. Therefore, the transmission of wireless signals will only become busier in the future.

In the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth signal band, there is so much communication data to be transmitted, and of course, it is interfered with by the signal. If the signal is disturbed, the audio transmission will slow down, and some controls are better.

Buffer technology will be used to keep the music playing, but after all, this is the feeling of listening to music, so no one can stand the interference Or disconnection occurs.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Source: SoundGuys

Selection Secret

The way to test whether the Bluetooth earbuds are susceptible to interference is very simple. It is to walk around a place where Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are used a lot, such as the park, shopping mall, market, etc. If the earbuds are disconnected in such a situation that means they are in good condition without interference.

Also, the disconnection is not necessarily the problem of the earbuds. I have encountered earbuds that will not be disconnected when connected to the iPhone but is connected to the Android earbuds, it will be disconnected.

So it may also be the phone. Bluetooth is unstable, or the audio processing speed is slow, causing the audio to be interrupted, so it is recommended to test it on the spot or choose a big brand product.

11. Call Quality

Good microphone quality can protect your throat and reduce the anger when you repeat the same sentence

The part that affects the call quality can be divided into three technologies: the number of microphones, the radiolocation, the call noise reduction technology (ENC, CVC), etc.

Number of microphones

The more built-in microphones of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, the more effective the division of labor. At present, the common configuration on the market is a single-ear dual-mic configuration.

One microphone is responsible for filtering environmental noise. The other is responsible for receiving the sound to achieve a clear call voice, such as Airpods Pro, Jabra Elite 75T series, JLab JBuds Air Executive.

Some true wireless Bluetooth earbuds even have three built-in microphones in one ear. For example, the Elite 85t launched by Jabra at the end of 2020 is this configuration.

The call quality is better than true wireless earbuds with single ear dual-microphone configuration and can filter environmental noise.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Radio Position

At present, high-end true wireless Bluetooth earbuds mostly use micro-electromechanical microphones system (MEMS), which can be divided into three types: linear MEMS (broadside array), linear MEMS (end-mounted array), ring MEMS.

Earbuds and mobile phones mostly use Linear MEMS (end-mounted array) is a type that is easy to receive. Simultaneously, it can suppress sound interference in other directions through post-signal processing to form spatial directivity.

Therefore, when selecting earbuds to call quality, you can choose linear MEMS (end-mounted array), and Earphones with long directional handles will have better call quality.

At present, there are many products of this kind, such as AirPods Pro, Jabra 65T, TicPods Free, JBuds Air Executive, etc. All of which are MEMS microphones with a Long directivity handle.

Call Noise Reduction Technology

Common call noise reduction technologies include CVC (similar technologies include JLab C3, Nuforce RVC), and ENC. ENC uses a dual microphone array. One microphone is responsible for receiving our voice, and the other is to capture the external environment’s sound.

Through the algorithm, our voice is highlighted and becomes the loudest and clearest voice heard by the other party; the CVC technology principle is also very similar to the echo generated during a call. Both are to benefit the caller. There is no difference between good and bad. Through proper training, ENC and ANC can have good results.

Recommended Bluetooth Earbuds Suitable for Calls

The earbuds call must be clear for a business person, not intermittent, and there will be no obvious echo of wind cut feeling. Here are some good business earbuds:

Apple Airpods Pro: Using beamforming dual microphones and independent call microphones, even when riding a motorcycle, you can still receive, not affected by wind, and the call quality has surprised iOS and Android users!

Jabra Elite Active 75t: The four-microphone system can be well combined with Jabra’s DSP and beamforming technology to deliver clear voice transmission while reducing noise.

Ausounds AU-Stream: Using ENC call noise reduction technology, and each earpiece has built-in dual microphones, the reception is very clear and three-dimensional.

12. Appearance Design

Different designs have different functionality

At present, the shape of true wireless earphones can be divided into three categories, from whether there is a microphone rodear hook, and inner ear stabilizer. It is divided into rod type (such as REDEMPTION ANC), ear hook type (such as Epic Air Sport), shark fin Type (such as Nuforce Be Free 5) and in-ear type (such as Amps Air), different designs have different advantages:

  • The stick-shaped microphone points to the mouth to make the call reception clearer.
  • The ear-hook type ear hook allows the earphones to be fixed and is the least likely to fall off during exercise.
  • The shark fin-style inner ear stabilizer also allows the earbuds to be fixed to the ear.
  • The in-ear style combines lightness and stability.
How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

13. Charging Method

Affect charging speed and convenience

At present, true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are charged through the charging box, so the charging method discussed here refers to the charging of the charging box. The current charging modes of the charging box are as follows:

Wired Charging Hole

Currently, most of the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are charging through the charging cable into the charging hole for charging, from the early to Micro USB is now the most popular Type C.

Charging speed becomes fasterbecome stable set, and some even support fast With the charging function, you can charge for 1 to 2 hours in a few minutes, which greatly improves the convenience.

In addition to Micro USB and Type C, manufacturers like APPLE use Lightning charging cables so that iPhone users do not need to bring an extra cable when going out.

Wired Charging — Built-in USB Charging Cable

The charging box has a built-in USB charging cable. The most famous manufacturer is JLab. This is a pretty good design. You can charge it wherever you go. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring the charging cable.

So if you consider yourself forgetful, you have a built-in USB. The charging box with the charging cable will be your favorite. Whether the wire will bend or break is a fake issue, and there is no such disaster.

On the other hand, the current true wireless earbuds use about 2-3 weeks to charge once, and it will be used for two years (104 Weekly divided by two weeks) Approximately 41.6 times of charging. Hence, the number of times of bending, the USB charging cable is impossible to break.

At present, the most common wireless charging method is the Qi wireless charging specification. Apple’s Airpods also have a wireless charging function from the second generation, making charging more convenient and reducing the dilemma of cables knotting each other.

For convenience, the first is the built-in USB charging cable; the second is wireless charging. If you are using a mobile phone to charge wirelessly, you will find wireless charging for headphones very practical. If it is wired, Type-C will be a good choice. After all, its new specification, fast and stable charging speed, is a good consideration.

OnePlus Buds Vs Galaxy Buds Plus Vs Jabra Elite 75T

14. Noise Reduction Function

Take you into the realm of zero

Generally speaking, the noise reduction function is divided into two types:

  • Passive noise reduction
  • Active noise reduction

Passive noise reduction

Passive noise-canceling headphones block outside physical noise mechanisms. Is the use of headphones or earplugs body to resist external noise? In general, almost every earbud have such an effect (or bone conduction earbuds is not open-ended), It’s just a difference in degree.

Earphones with better passive noise reduction effects are over-ear headphones. Usually, larger earmuffs can effectively block noise. For example, Bose 35 is a very good passive noise reduction earphone. The in-ear headphones are designed with IEM monitors for better results. For example, Creative Outlier Gold is a very good passive in-ear noise reduction headphones.

Active noise reduction

The principle of Active Noise Cancellation uses a microphone to receive environmental noise and then use the earbuds’ internal chip to generate a reverse sound wave against the noise to offset the environmental noise. A brief description and analysis such as steps and legends:

  • The microphone collects environmental noise.
  • Product opposite environmental noise sound wave.
  • On the contrary, sound waves offset environmental noise.

If you are sensitive to ambient noise, then you must consider Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (ANC), because it requires electricity, and therefore if Bluetooth earbuds have this function, and the Bluetooth and noise reduction functions are turned on at the same time, the battery life will be effective short.

Since the launch of AirPods Pro in 2019, true wireless noise-canceling headphones have slowly become popular. In addition to SONY WF-1000XM3 and AirPods Pro, some new products such as Amps Air+ and Redemption ANC will be launched in 2020. Active noise reduction will be introduced in the future. More and more products are launched.

Recommended Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

When walking on the road, commuting by MRT, or traveling by plane, there are often many noise disturbances, making it impossible to enjoy music quietly. You will want to increase the volume and try to suppress the noise.

Often it cannot be effectively suppressed and ear hearing loss. Therefore, a pair of headphones that can actively reduce noise makes the music sound better and protect the ears. Here are some good noise reduction headphones:

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds: The world’s first true wireless Bluetooth earbuds with 11 noise reduction levels, grabbing the throne of true wireless noise reduction king.

Sony WF-1000XM3: The adaptive sound function provides different levels of noise reduction in different environments. Although the king of true wireless noise reduction has been taken away, it still has the best noise reduction effect among true wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Jabra Elite 85tJabra’s first true wireless Bluetooth earbuds equipped with a noise reduction chip, using hybrid noise reduction technology, can effectively filter noise. Besides, the degree of noise reduction and ambient sound can be adjusted through the App. There are five levels in total, which can be switched by themselves according to the situation.

Ausounds AU-Stream Hybrid: Use internal and external microphones to fully capture ambient noise, allowing users to be completely immersed in it.

AirPods Pro: Although the degree of noise reduction cannot be adjusted, it can still effectively block more than 80% of the noise, and it can perfectly match the iPhone.

15. Ambient Sound Mode

Improve personal safety when using Bluetooth earbuds and avoid missing important broadcasts

The ambient sound mode captures the surrounding ambient sound through the microphone and then broadcasts it in the earphones to hear the external sound while listening to music.

This is a very practical function and improving the use of earphones. The security also allows us not to miss important notices.

For example, when waiting for boarding at the airport, if you miss the boarding announcement because you listen to music and miss the flight, the gain is not worth the loss.

Another example is that many people now like to listen to music while walking on the road. If they can’t hear warning sounds such as horns or other people shouting, accidents may occur.

Because of the above reasons, we believe that the ambient sound mode is more necessary than the active noise reduction mode because most of the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are in-ear design.

As long as you choose earplugs that can form a good seal, you can block most external noise. Noise reduction becomes a function not necessarily needed.

But the environmental sound mode is different, which can take into account safety and convenience, and the price is more affordable.

Recommended for Best Wireless Earbuds with Ambient Sound Mode without Noise Reduction

Jabra Elite 65t: The sound quality and call quality are second to none, and the ambient sound function makes it more practical.

JLab Jbuds Air Executive: One of the best real wireless phones with the best call quality under 3000 yuan. There is JLab exclusive three-stage EQ to choose from. The overall performance is very cost-effective.

JLab Jbuds Air Sport: The ear-hook design is very suitable for sports use and has an environmentally sound function, making users safer when exercising outdoors.

16.Drive unit

Affect sound performance

The driving unit is just like the engine of a car. A good driving unit with a good car is like a tiger with wings and vice versa. Therefore, it is not objective to evaluate the earbuds directly with the driver unit’s specifications alone.

Just like buying a car, you will know the overall performance after a test drive. At present, monomers can be divided into two major categories of moving iron follower coils. The information on these two types of driving monomers is summarized in the table below.

How To Choose Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Moving iron

Moving iron was originally used in hearing aids, but now it is also widely used in monitor headphones. Most moving iron units are adjusted to sound good in a specific frequency range.

So many headphones contain multiple drive units. The frequency divider divides the sound signal into multiple frequency bands and sends different frequency bands to each drive unit.

In the moving iron design, current flows through a coil wound around the armature. The coil is suspended between two magnets, and the change of current will cause electromagnetic force between the coil and the magnet.

The magnetic field change causes the armature to move thousands of times per second, and the diaphragm of the monitor earbuds is connected to the armature. This vibration produces a sound that we can hear.

Moving iron is “balanced” because there is no net force on the armature when it is in the central magnetic field. Unlike the design of the moving coil, the moving iron does not generate sound by evacuating air.

This has advantages and disadvantages. Moving iron earphones usually provide better resolution because they do not require vents to move air. On the contrary, the moving iron lacks the excellent low-frequency performance of the moving coil design.


  • The drive unit can be optimally adjusted for a specific frequency range.
  • Smaller than the moving coil.
  • Better treble performance than moving coil.
  • Faster response and more detailed sound.


  • Bass response is not as good as dynamic.
  • The single drive design is not as good as moving coil.
  • More expensive than dynamic design.

Moving coil

 Moving coil technology has been widely used in audio products such as speakers, headphones, and in-ear monitors. Unlike moving iron designs, moving coils are designed to cover the entire frequency range.

Although from a scientific point of view, this usually results in a reduction in detail. Since there is no cross-sending of specific frequency bands to different drive units, the moving coil sounds more natural.

In a moving coil design, the diaphragm is directly connected to the voice coil. When a current is applied, the voice coil moves between the two permanent magnets and drives the diaphragm to produce sound.

The moving coil moves the air through a ventilated design. Compared with the moving iron design, this can perfectly express low frequencies. Because of its excellent low-frequency response, bassists and drummers often use dynamic headphones.


  • Sound more coherent
  • Better low-frequency response
  • More durable and cheaper than moving iron


  • Resolution is not as good as moving iron
  • Bigger than moving iron
  • Not as popular as moving iron design

As mentioned earlier, earbuds cannot be evaluated solely by the driver unit’s specifications and quantity. In short, as long as a single unit can achieve the three-frequency uniform sound quality, resolution, and sound field performance, it is not necessary to choose multiple units or which type of earbuds. 

Finally, it is recommended that people obsessed with sound quality can go to a physical store to listen to headphones. At present, some true wireless earbuds on the market have adopted multiple monomers as the driving unit, which can take advantage of the characteristics of the monomers to make better performance in each audio segment.

However, such a multi-unit approach also causes the earbuds’ structure to become complicated, resulting in increased power usage, increased noise floor, and easy interactive interference.

High-Quality Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Recommended 

10. Sony WF-SP800N – The best sports headphones 

Recommended Reason

  • Deep bass and beautiful treble
  • Excellent noise reduction effect
  • High waterproof level
  • High stability, suitable for sports


  • The overall battery is not high
  • No support for aptX
  • No volume control keys

 Headphone Sound Quality

The bass of the Sony WF-SP800N is very rich. With the support of the “Extra Bass” function, it becomes more powerful and can help improve sports performance, so it is very suitable for people who like to listen to rhythmic music during exercise.

If you feel that the bass is too heavy during daily listening to music, you can choose to turn off the Extra Bass function. Although the middle and high pitches are not emphasized so much, they are warm and clear. If you are not satisfied, you can adjust the EQ in the Headphones Connect App.

Headphone Evaluation

As the mid-range true wireless Bluetooth earbuds between Sony’s entry-level WF-XB700 and the flagship WF-1000XM3, WF-SP800N can meet the needs of fitness and sportspeople.

It has extremely high sweat resistance, stability, and intense exercise. The required bass. Even if the noise reduction effect cannot reach the highest level of Sony WF-1000XM3, for those who can’t stand a noisy gym, WF-SP800N can bring them an undisturbed sports environment.

Specification View

Specification itemDescription
Body weightApproximately 8 grams per ear / 59 grams for charging case
Headphone typeIn-ear
Drive unit6mm moving coil
Bluetooth chipMT2811
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.0
Audio transcodingSBC, AAC
waterproof levelIP55
Headphone power9~13 hours
Total endurance18~26 hours
Charging time2.5 hours for earphones / 3 hours for charging box
Charging specificationsUSB

9. SOL REPUBLIC Amps Air Plus – The best appearance

Recommended reason

  • Autoplay/pause
  • Rich and full sound
  • Active noise reduction function
  • Fast charging function


  • Headphones are bulky
  • Insufficient midrange
  • No wireless charging

 Headphone Sound Quality

SOL REPUBLIC Amps Air + is not like the Scandinavian design sense of B&O, but a strong sense of brand design. From the point of view of quality and materials, it has a very calm and restrained texture. Its style has an American design atmosphere. It also hides the top Japanese craftsmanship.

The tri-band resolution performance is quite good, the low-frequency performance is more enhanced in the mid and high frequencies, the bass guitar and bass sound quite dynamic, and the mid and high frequencies are also very good.

The sound is Japanese style, the sound is detailed There is no extra aftertaste, it is accurate, clear, and very durable. If used with the noise reduction function, the overall sound quality is clearer and moving.

Overall, it is low-pitched, very suitable for EDM, JAZZ, rock, and it is a very good performance earbud. In the United States and Japan, Amazon’s earbuds have a high degree of discussion.

Headphone Evaluation

The overall performance of Amps Air + is amazing to us. Although it is not 100% perfect, it is very close to 100 points. The built-in earplugs have a very good sound insulation effect, and the sound quality is comparable to AirPods Pro.

Its noise reduction effect can significantly improve the sound quality without causing too high noise reduction ear pressure. Besides, its overall design feels like craftsmanship and unique appearance, making these earbuds have a high sense of fashion.

If you are usually a person who values ​​the taste of life, then these can be real wireless earbuds recommended for fashion.

Specification View

Specification itemDescription
Body weightApproximately 6 grams per ear / 49 grams for charging case
Headphone typeIn-ear
Drive unit9mm moving coil
Bluetooth chipQCC5121
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.0 + BLE
Audio transcodingSBC, AAC, aptX
waterproof levelIPX4
Headphone power6 hours
Total endurance20 hours
Charging time2 hours for earphones / 2 hours for charging box
Charging specificationsTYPE-C

8. JLab Epic Air ANC – Small budget and multi-function

Recommended Reason

  • ANC active noise reduction
  • Six noise reduction microphones
  • Wireless charging
  • Good value for money


  • The noise reduction effect is not obvious
  • Similar to the previous generation

 Headphone Sound Quality

Epic Air ANC is the first noise-canceling true wireless earbuds launched by JLab in 2020. Like the tonality of the previous JLab headphones, the bass performance is very good, and the clarity is also sufficient.

When listening to symphony-the four seasons, the main string violin’s steady rhythm is slowly brought out, and the drums and various instruments are played together.

You can hear good positioning and sound levels, and the entire auditory music field can be expressed. Larger symphonic ancient and classic music are OK, and other types of music are no problem.

Headphone Evaluation

Epic Air ANC is equipped with many functions from ANC active noise reduction, ambient sound, in-ear detection, six microphones call noise reduction, customized EQ, APP firmware set command update, and ANC active noise reduction multi-stage adjustment, etc. Specifications and functions can be said to be full, plus JLab’s good sound quality. You can have full functions. The CP value is quite high. It is worth recommending to you.

Specification View

Specification itemDescription
Body weightApproximately 7 grams per ear / Approximately 57 grams for charging case
Headphone typeIn-ear type with microphone rod
Drive unit8mm moving coil
Bluetooth chipAiroha 1552A
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.0
Audio transcodingSBC, AAC
waterproof levelIP55
Headphone power12 hours
Total endurance60 hours
Charging time3 hours for earphones / 3 hours for charging box
Charging specificationsWireless charging, USB charging

7. Jabra Elite 85t – Multi-function true wireless

Recommended Reason

  • Lively sound
  • Adjustable noise reduction
  • Call wind noise protection
  • Multi-machine connection


  • No support for aptX
  • Slightly more expensive

 Headphone Sound Quality

The Jabra Elite 85t has outstanding resolution performance. The mid-bass performance is roughly in line with the previous generation Elite Active 75t. The high-pitched performance is also quite good; the positioning and sound field performance are above the standard.

The EQ can be adjusted through the Sound+ App, and different sound fields can be adjusted according to different music types. The overall sound is more suitable for listening to popular music. In summary, with the support of major Jabra manufacturers, the overall performance is quite good.

Headphone Evaluation

The Elite 85t is Jabra’s first true wireless Bluetooth earbuds with a built-in noise reduction chip. The noise reduction effect is more comprehensive than the Elite 75t that is only updated through firmware.

It can also adjust the level of noise reduction according to different usage scenarios. Besides, multi-device connection and wind noise protection also make the Elite 85t more practical.

The former can connect two devices simultaneously, which is suitable for business people who need multiple functions; the latter is to ensure that the radio is always clear during a call. Therefore, Elite 85t can be said to be a very versatile true wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Specification View

Specification itemParameters and description
Body weightApproximately 7 grams per ear / approximately 45 grams for charging case
Headphone typeIn-ear
Drive unit12mm speaker
Bluetooth chip
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.1
Audio transcodingSBC, AAC
waterproof levelIPX4
Headphone power5~7 hours
Total endurance19-24 hours
Charging timeEarphone 1.5 hours / charging box about 2 hours 30 minutes
Charging specificationsWireless charging, USB-C charging

6. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds – The best noise reduction 

Recommended Reason

  • First-class noise reduction
  • Adjustable noise reduction
  • Clear and balanced sound
  • Comfortable fit


  • The price is too high
  • No volume control keys
  • Larger size
  • No multi-machine connection function

 Headphone Sound Quality

The excellent noise reduction effect allows QuietComfort Earbuds to play the sound without external interference fully. The bass is rich and full, the treble is clear, and the balance between the two is very good.

No matter what type of music you listen to, the bass will not be over-amplified and overwhelm the midrange and treble, and the treble will not be harsh. , And more importantly, have a broader and richer sound field than competitors.

Unfortunately, Bose’s Music App does not provide EQ settings, allowing users to adjust the sound more personalized.

Headphone Evaluation

The biggest selling point of Bose QuietComfort Earbuds is that it has 11 levels of noise reduction and ambient sound functions. Through the App, users can choose between full ANC and full transparent mode to allow ambient sound to enter the headphones’ number.

With the highest level of noise reduction, the continuous hum of air conditioners or the hum of fans and the sound of traffic on busy roads are gone. Therefore, from the hands of Sony WF-1000XM3, snatched the throne of true wireless noise reduction king.

Specification View

Specification itemParameters and description
Body weightApproximately 8.5 grams per ear
Headphone typeIn-ear style, with shark fin ear wings
Drive unit6mm speaker
Bluetooth chip
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.1
Audio transcodingSBC, AAC
waterproof levelIPX4
Headphone power6 hours
Total endurance18 hours
Charging timeHeadphones 2 hours / charging box about 3 hours
Charging specificationsWireless charging, USB-C charging

5. Cleer Ally Plus – The best texture

Recommended Reason

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Good call quality
  • The sound is clear and detailed


  • Poor environmental sound
  • May fall during exercise

 Headphone Sound Quality

Cleer Ally + has excellent sound quality, and the sound effect resolution is quite detailed, making it easy to listen to for a long time; the performance of the three-frequency sound field is balanced, and the big scene songs can also be controlled.

With its ANC active noise reduction function, the sound effect is purer when the sound pressure is not too heavy, and we give a high score to the overall sense of hearing. If you want an earbud with good sound quality and texture, Cleer Ally Plus is a good choice.

Headphone Evaluation

This Cleer Ally+ has a strong sense of design, high-quality materials, good overall texture, and high-quality products. Besides, its earbuds use the top Qualcomm QCC 5124 chip, which performs very well in terms of delay and connection stability.

It supports CVC 8.0 noise reduction function, and the call performance is above the standard. There is also a nice function, volume adjustment, slide up and down along the earbuds. The operation is quite intuitive.

Specification View

Specification itemParameters and description
Body weightApproximately 7 grams per ear/ 64 grams for charging case
Headphone typeIn-ear
Drive unit10mm speaker
Bluetooth chipQualcomm
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.0
Audio transcodingSBC, AAC, aptX
waterproof levelIPX4
Headphone power10 hours
Total endurance30 hours
Charging timeEarphone 1 hour / charging box about 2 hours
Charging specificationsType-C

4. Apple Airpods Pro – The invincible specialty of iPhone

Recommended Reason

  • The sound is clean and clear
  • Cinema-like spatial audio
  • Excellent active noise reduction
  • Excellent call radio quality


  • No dedicated app
  • Endurance is not high

 Headphone Sound Quality

Apple AirPods Pro changed from earbud headphones to in-ear headphones, built-in DSP digital processing technology, greatly improved noise reduction function, making the sound quality purer.

The bass thrust and dive depth are moderate, and the sound output is stable. In terms of positioning and sound field, I believe that Apple has worked hard. In addition to accurate left and right spatial positioning, the performance in the front and rear parts is also very good, and the overall sound field performance is very good.

In the part of the tri-frequency test, the bass performance is very low and powerful; the midrange is very accurate, and the life is not particularly prominent, the treble is warm and clear, and sounds comfortable. We do not think that it is expensive, related functions make us feel that it is excellent value for money.

Headphone Evaluation

The global sales of Apple AirPods are far ahead of all wireless earphones. Although the newly launched AirPods Pro price has increased, the improvement of related functions is also unmatched by other earphones.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the compatibility and user experience of AirPods series products with Apple devices are the best. It is convenient and fast to switch seamlessly between devices.

Almost no earbuds can switch between Apple devices like AirPods, so If you are a fan, we recommend AirPods Pro true wireless headphones to you.

Specification View

Specification itemParameters and description
Body weightApproximately 5.4 grams per ear/ 45.6 grams for charging case
Headphone typeIn-ear type with microphone rod
Drive unit
Bluetooth chipApple H1
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.0
Audio transcodingSBC, AAC
waterproof levelIPX4
Headphone power4.5 hours
Total endurance20 hours
Charging timeHeadphone 0.5 hours / charging box about 2.5 hours
Charging specificationsWireless charging, Lightning charging

3. Marley Redemption ANC – The best bass

Recommended Reason

  • Powerful voice
  • Autoplay/pause
  • Excellent active noise reduction
  • Environmental protection material


  • No dedicated app
  • Poor touch response
  • Large charging box

 Headphone Sound Quality

Redemption ANC continues Marley’s previous style. The bass performance is strong and powerful, very Q bomb, and the dive is deep and thick, and the lazy and relaxed tone when listening to reggae is perfectly presented.

On the other hand, the midrange is thick, and the treble is clear and not harsh, and the overall experience feels very comfortable and harmonious. It will not affect the mid and treble performance due to excessive bass, resulting in unbalanced audio.

Coupled with the ANC active noise reduction function, when it is turned on, the sound’s clarity is improved, and the sense of sound field is greater. Listening to magnificent songs can also be interpreted well.

Headphone Evaluation

House of Marley is a brand that we think is quite good. The brand focuses on two parts: nature and sound effects. The natural part uses many natural materials and is designed in technology products, allowing users to integrate naturally with the product.

The sound effect is partly made of wood. The material increases the sound effect’s comfort and softness, just like the natural hearing brought by the wooden box speaker.

This Redemption ANC is an upgraded version of Liberate Air, which adds the new functions of ANC active noise reduction and call noise reduction. The natural music style takes it to a higher level.

Specification View

Specification itemParameters and description
Body weightApproximately 6 grams per ear / 69 grams for charging case
Headphone typeIn-ear type with microphone rod
Drive unit8.6mm
Bluetooth chipQualcomm QCC5124
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.0 + BLE + OTA
Audio transcodingSBC, AAC, aptX
waterproof levelIPX4
Headphone power5 hours
Total endurance20 hours
Charging timeEarphone 2 hours/charging box about 2 hours
Charging specificationsType-C charging

2. Sennheiser MOMENTUM true wireless 2 – The best sound quality

Recommended Reason

  • Amazing sound
  • Smart Control APP
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • Smaller than the first generation


  • expensive
  • No wireless charging

 Headphone Sound Quality

The brand Sennheiser does not need to be introduced. It represents advanced sound effects in the earphone industry. MOMENTUM true wireless 2 has nothing to say in terms of sound effects. The earphone design is also a first-class specification.

In the actual test of the resolution, the sound is quite clean and clear, whether it is musical instruments, vocals, mixing devices, etc., without distortion. The spatial sense of the sound is well positioned, the same drumbeat in a song.

Every time the position is beaten, It is at a fixed point and will not be interfered by other frequency bands; the high-frequency part performs very well, the low-frequency performance is quite stable, and the interpretation of the sound effects makes the song smoother, whether it is played in a low or loud voice, it is good.

Headphone Evaluation

MOMENTUM true wireless 2 adds a lot of new functions, such as power boost, ANC active noise reduction, sidetone, etc., maintaining Sennheiser sound effect in sound value, with ANC active noise reduction and APP sound field control function, if you love sound quality And will pursue the ultimate sound hardware.

In addition to the perfect sound quality, the latest Bluetooth 5.1 specifications, the connection is more stable, and the speed is faster. It can be said that it is the best one we have reviewed.

If you want to pursue the perfect sound quality in true wireless headphones, we will Recommend these wireless earbuds to you!

Specification View

Specification itemParameters and description
Body weightApproximately 12 grams per ear/ 58 grams for charging case
Headphone typeIn-ear
Drive unit7mm
Bluetooth chipQualcomm QCC5124
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.1
Audio transcodingSBC, AAC, aptX
waterproof levelIPX4
Headphone power7 hours
Total endurance28 hours
Charging time10 minutes of charging provides 1.5 hours of play time
Charging specificationsType-C charging

1. Ausounds AU-Stream Hybrid – All round true wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Recommended Reason

  • The sound is pure and balanced
  • Bass Q is powerful
  • Excellent active noise reduction
  • Excellent call radio quality


  • No support for aptX
  • No wireless charging

 Headphone Sound Quality

The sound takes a slightly warm route, so it is very durable, and the balanced tuning can cope with most types of music. The bass is rich, and you can feel the full energy of the Bassline; the mid-high is bright and clear.

The analytical power is quite good in the performance of the details. Even if a variety of instruments are placed in unison, the instrument’s tonality and sound field position can be presented. Large-scale songs such as symphony or orchestra performances can be fully presented.

Headphone Evaluation

AU-Stream Hybrid adopts an IEM monitor in-ear design, with ANC noise reduction, which can effectively reduce environmental noise and make the sound purer. Due to the pure sound and no excessive sound field modification, the earphones will not be tired for a long time.

These earbuds can fully capture the fast beats and vocal details. Because of this relationship, you must also pay attention to the audio source when listening to these earbuds. You must use high-definition audio to present the sound characteristics of these earbuds effectively.

Specification View

Hardware and support specificationsParameters and description
Body weightApproximately 6 grams per ear / approximately 40 grams for charging case
Headphone typeIn-ear
Drive unit9mm composite large moving coil diaphragm
Bluetooth chipAiroda AB 1552A
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.0
Audio transcodingSBC, AAC
Protection levelIPX5
Headphone power9 hours
Total endurance28 hours
Charging time1.5 hours
Charging specificationsType-C charging

Other True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Worth Considering

There are too many true wireless Bluetooth earbuds on the market to choose from. When choosing the recommended model, the earbuds editor team also spent a lot of time discussing battles with the gods, and there will inevitably be some legacy.

After consideration, I decided to introduce these true wireless Bluetooth earbuds briefly. If you want to see the full introduction, you can also watch other related articles (if any) through the link.

Apple Airpods

Using the latest H1 chip, the connection performance and delay are much better than the previous generation. The earplug design is a big attraction for some users who don’t like the earphone, and the call quality is excellent. As for the sound quality, it depends on personal preference. People who like three-band equalization will like this boiled water-like sound very much.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

The ear-hook design is very suitable for sports use. With good sound insulation, up to 24 hours of total power, and perfect connection with Apple devices, it is a good sports true wireless Bluetooth earbuds for iPhone users.

Bose SoundSport Free

Bose is one of the most well-known consumer audio companies. So, why is Soundsport Free not included in the list? Because in terms of endurance and adaptability, they have done their best.

Creative Outlier Gold

If you only want a pair of real wireless headphones that are usable and inexpensive, consider this one. Compared with the previous generation Outlier Air, it has longer battery life, and Super X-Fi App can be used.

Google Pixel Buds (2020)

Google’s first true wireless earbuds have an excellent design and the best charging case ever seen. The waterproof rating is IPX4, and it can be used for 6 hours on a single charge. If you want to get a convenient Android experience through hands-free Google Assistant support, you can buy this earbud.

JLab JBuds Air ANC

The connection mechanism has been updated from the original JBuds Air, using the latest Bluetooth 5.2 to achieve a more stable connection and lower latency. Also, the price of less than three thousand yuan, but with an active noise reduction function, is a great boon for users with small budgets. For lower-priced available true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, you can consider buying JLab GO Air.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung mobile phone users, this is your specialty, don’t hurry up and pack it home. It supports the expandable codec developed by Samsung, the sound quality is good, and the connection performance is also very stable.

B&O E8 3.0

Excellent in functionality, battery life, and sound insulation, but there are connection problems with Windows 10 and Android devices. On the other hand, E8 3.0 is currently the most expensive true wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Marley Champion

Inherited Marley’s deep dive bass so that the overall sound quality is above the level, and the power can be used for 8 hours at a time. If you only want a pair of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds with good sound quality, you don’t need too many other functions. It is a good choice to evaluate at the price point.

Sennheiser CX 400BT

Although it does not have active noise reduction and ambient sound modes like Momentum True Wireless 2, it is one of the cheaper earbuds. For those who like the tuning of this old brand but cannot afford the price of Momentum True Wireless 2, maybe you can consider it.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

If the budget is sufficient and you want to improve quality and pay attention to details, this aptX noise reduction true wireless Bluetooth earbuds should be suitable. If you want a similar construction and a more neutral sound, the cheap Master&Dynamic MW07 Go is a perfect choice.

1More True Wireless ANC

The noise reduction effect is normal, but it supports both aptX and AAC to provide high-quality streaming media. Users can also benefit from the stability of the connection provided by Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus technology.

Jabra Elite Active 75t

The performance is remarkable in terms of sound quality and calls. It is suitable for daily life, commuting, or sports. Also, after the firmware update in October 2020, an active noise reduction function was added. Although there is no built-in noise reduction chip, the noise reduction effect is still usable and can filter out some low-frequency noise.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

It has quite a few new technologies and technological functions, such as ACAA coaxial iron acoustics, HearID hearing test, APP adjustable sound field, etc. The sound quality is not inferior to many high-end headphones. Only some netizens reacted to the noise floor and the larger part of the body of the earbud. It is recommended to go to the audition store to experience before buying.

Sony WF-1000XM3

The automatic noise reduction detection function adjusted according to the environment is the biggest selling point of these true wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Still, it cannot have manual adjustment of multi-stage noise reduction like Bose QC Earbuds. The quick attention mode and 360-degree surround sound effects will also make people want to pack a pair home.

Grado GT220

The audiophile brand launched the first true wireless Bluetooth earbuds at the end of 2020. The audiophile-grade sound quality provided by the 8mm driver unit and aptX transcoder is its most attractive place. Besides, the total battery life of up to 30 hours eliminates the need for users to charge the earbuds all the time. Unfortunately, these earbuds do not have the function of active noise reduction.

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