Latest SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds Release 2021

We are going to get a first look at the SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds. Now, what this pair is a truly wireless earbud that comes in at $40.

It has an open design like the AirPods, but it has some imposing features, especially considering the price.

We are going to check out some of those specs that you will get. The instruction manual says it uses Bluetooth 5.2, and it does have Qualcomm 3040 chip.

It also has APTX playback, and it is again using this new truly wireless mirroring technology.

One earbud is mirroring the other connection that way. If you listen to one and decide to pull the other one out of the case, it will automatically pick up what the other one is listening to. It just has this very seamless connection. 

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SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds

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SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds: Tech Space

The drivers being used here. They are using a 14.2-millimeter driver, which is impressive considering how small the earbuds are.

SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds

I don’t know which IP rating use on this. Suppose this is just because they are too new, and they are not much information. I couldn’t find anything on which IP rating. 

What’s in the Box?

What are you getting inside the box? Because this has an airport-style design where it does not use silicone ear tips. There are no included ear tips and the charging cable. It does come with a USB-C line speaking of the charging cable.

SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds

Battery life is decent here, especially considering the price. Because on the earbuds themself you will get around five hours, or with the charging case, you will get around 25 and speak of the case. 

SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds: Design

I think they did an excellent job with the design of the case. It is very small, compact, and extremely light. It is basically like once you put them in your pocket, you forget that they have even there.

Now on the side of the case, you can see the USB-C input for charging. You can see that there is a single indicator light but all that’s good. Let you know that it is charging or that it is fully charged. There has no indicator light.

Let you know how much battery life is left itself, and that is something I would have liked to have seen them do differently. 

SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds

The earbuds have the stem style design, which again resembles Apple AirPods. It does use touch control, and I am happy to say that you control everything.

So you have your play pause skipping your tracks forward, going backward, and even volume control all on the earbuds themselves. You can use your earbuds individually. You will be happy to know that you can use either the left or the right. 

SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds: Microphone

The microphones on here I was also impressed with the quality of these. Each earbud has dual mics, and they are using the CVC technology so that it focuses on your voice and blocks out all of your surroundings. 

SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds: Audio Quality

Let’s talk about the sound. I think that the sound is imposing considering that 40 price tag. I think if you were to hand these earbuds to somebody and just had the kind of gauge what they thought.

The price would be they would never believe this is a $40 pair of earbuds, and the reason I say that is even for the open design. The base itself had some pretty nice kick to it. It is not an overpowering base.

It doesn’t have that subwoofer type feel but to be an open design and to be able to feel that little bit of impact still. It was impressed me the most was the mids and the treble. The treble on here is turned up quite a bit.

It doesn’t get too harsh, but it can have a little bit of a sparkle to it, which means there’s much attention to detail. Some people might find it too harsh if you are listening to louder volumes.

SoundPeats TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds

Because these definitely can get loud, but overall I felt that it was nicely balanced. I still would maybe like a little bit of boost in the bass, but I don’t know how much more bass you can get out of an open ear design.

The sound stage and the sound imaging I was extremely impressed with this. But again, that leans to the open design. Because it makes you feel like you are in a much larger environment and then the attention to detail that it has.

Because of the mids being pushed forward and the treble is turned up. I had no issues with telling where anything was coming from, so as great as I think these are. It is to complain about a pair that is $40.

I do have a couple of cons. One is the open ear design. It is just not one that I am a massive fan of but looking past that. I was still very impressed with how these sounded. I do know that some people cannot do silicone ear tips.

I can respect that this kind of option is out there for those people, and then my only other complaint is I wish that there was an indicator light on the case. So that I could gauge how much battery life is on the case and not just have to guess. 


Overall I think this is an excellent pick up for forty dollars. It still shows how soundpeats is only one of those that are bringing much value for the money.

It does a great job with audio especially considering this type of style naturally. Don’t I was just shocked by how much I enjoyed these. It’s hard to look past these considering the price. 

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