Write For Us

Writing for us is a great way to show off your skills and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Additionally, you get SEO benefits, exposure through our social media channels, and our best wishes :-). Due to the high number of guest post requests, we decided to add a “Write for Us” page that clearly explains the guidelines. Please go through them before sending your guest posts.

The Subject

We like what we express. Your guest post must be read in one of the following three sections,

1. Headphones

2. Earbuds

3. Earphones

The Benefits

  • Exposure to the audience: The blog gets 6000+ visitors per month and is growing steadily. Five recent articles have been featured on our main website, and high-quality articles are also included in our monthly newsletter. Your guest posts will be widely published.
  • SEO Benefits: Our articles are usually indexed within a few hours.
  • Social media exposure
  • We are very active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. All of your articles will be shared through these networks for additional exposure.
  • Payment: Please note that we will not pay for your articles. If you are a professional writer and think you can create excellent articles for us, contact us with some previous writing samples.

Submission Guidelines

  • We only accept content that is both 100% original and not published elsewhere.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. Copying another person’s work and changing some words or phrases is considered plagiarism.
  • The post should be at least 1000 words, although we prefer 1500 to 2000 words. It may contain relevant images and outbound links that improve the overall experience of our readers. However, please note that irrelevant hyperlinks will be removed.
  • Outbound links must be relevant to our blog. For example, linking to dating sites, SEO agencies, credit-related sites, etc., is not permitted.
  • Add subheadings, bullet points, paragraphs to make the article more readable. Subheadings should be H3 tags.
  • Once published on our blog, you will not be able to publish it anywhere else, including your blog.
  • Images and videos are encouraged; they make the article look tremendous and grab the reader’s attention.
  • Images should be 580 pixels wide or less. Please send them as a separate attachment.

Consider These When You Write for Us

  • We have decided to open up to guest postings to allow our readers and entrepreneurs to build their brand. So we want to work with real people, not with SEO agencies. 
  • We get 50-100 submissions per month. So please do not send emails to find out if your article is being published. If we selected your article, you would hear from us.

How to submit 

Email us your submission:


We prefer submissions as Google documents so that editors can easily provide feedback and guidance directly within your draft. You can also send us a Microsoft Word File.